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As CEO & Founder of The Premier Training Academy I am committed in bringing South Africa the Very best training the world has to offer, we have trained over 5000 students through the Academy, I was the first ever to attain my USA Master Certification in Intradermal Cosmetics in South Africa, Our Policy is Simple Superior Product Training & Support across our Brands.

Nora pioneered nail technology into South Africa in 1985, setting a very high standard in both training and product for the protection of the consumer. Today more than 30 years later, our industry is governmentally recognized as a trade. The next generation of make-up is now being pioneered into our country, namely Permanent Intradermal Cosmetics. Once again Nora along with Dream Nails pioneered the Permanent Makeup industry into South Africa and surrounds. In 2006 Nora sold her company Dream Nails and her NSI distributor rights to Placecol Holdings. 

On researching the very best product, a decision was made to bring in a product from Germany believing it was far superior to anything offered in the country. But alas! The course I took at great expense to learn the basic procedure of intradermal cosmetics lacked quality information and quality pigments. As a result, many problems arose in the early days of my practice. I found out having to mix my colours and inks containing iron oxide, the pigments would not stay permanently: light brown would turn purple, other colours would fade to almost nothing over time. My clients were also experiencing a lot of pain during procedures. 

As a result, the clients became discouraged having to return many times for touch-ups as well as having to endure many hours of painful applications and re-applications. Determined to learn how to improve the techniques and the final result, I began my research all over again. This led me to the United States (Las Vegas, Los Angeles) – and all the while, again and again being recommended by permanent make-up artists and physicians to one company and brand: PREMIER PIGMENTS

Not only have I attended the most advanced training course available worldwide at Premier back in 1997, but I was the first to attain my USA Master Certification in Intradermal Cosmetics in South Africa! I attained my instructors’ certification and sole distributorship for South Africa and the United Kingdom (see Now, with this latest technology you can do permanent PAIN FREE! Vibrant lips in minutes, perfect brows every time, see attachment (Ambre Lips, Mucosal Liner & Microblading). 

Using the world-renown Premier non-iron oxide pigments, you will no more experience pigments changing colour, having blue lips, brows, etc. Yes, the skin loves iron oxide pigments as the body is iron deficient and will draw red iron oxide into the blood stream and leave you with faded blue colouring. That answer at last is why clients’ make-up was changing colour and fading. Through research and experience Premier has developed a non-iron oxide pigment, the answer to our prayers and the end of these “horror stories!” 

A recent poll estimated 8.4 million American women wear permanent make up; 5 million wear Premier Pigments. “They didn’t become the market leader by accident”, said Michael Emerson, an Alliancevendor. “This company has been under very intense scrutiny. They have researched allergic reactions, assisted physicians and technicians, developed safety protocols, identified causative agents and found solutions for treatment. Now they are assisting the rest of the industry”. I have since had the privilege of training hundreds of permanent make-up artists the Premier Permanent way; we have had amazing results and very satisfied clients. I do believe my students leave with the highest standard of training available in South Africa. I have had the privilege on many occasions of retraining previously trained make-up artist who, after completing my course, feel for the first time confident in their work. The technique and pigments I now use virtually eliminate the need for multiple touch-ups of cosmetic procedures and allow complex para-medical procedures to be accomplished. Procedures such as camouflaging scars, areola and nipple augmentation, vitiligo, port wine stains, burn wounds and other skin imperfections. 

I am accredited to instruct and qualified to offer and supply the pioneering of CIT Medical Dry Needling. CIT Dry Needling provides an alternative to treatments such as Botox, Microdermabrasion, Laser Rejuvenation and Skin Peels along with my Paramedical Training (Areola & nipple repigmentation, Vitiligo, Port wine, Alopecia). I am also accredited to instruct and qualified to offer and supply the pioneering of dermaplaning into Africa having secured the distribution rights to DermaplanePro, the leaders in dermaplane procedure worldwide. I also do instruct our very sort after Tattoo Removal procedures. I hope this information will assist you in your decision as to who will have the privilege of training you in your new, very rewarding profession as a Permanent Make-Up Artist!

So rest assured, the same Dedication , Commitment and Standard that we Strive for with all our Brands will be replicated to our newest addition to the Our Family Premier Plasma Pen Pro, insuring that once you leave our training facilities that you are equipped to enter the industry and become a Successful Plasma Skin Practitioner.

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