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Our Accredited training programs are designed with student success in mind. We offer a unique course that combines the perfect amount of theory and practice to achieve the best Lash lifting results for your clients. Lash Lift Pro treatments brought to you by South Africa’s Finest Academy.

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For people who find using false lashes and extensions a bit tedious and want something natural and easy to maintain, lash lifting is the perfect alternative. It is a way of enhancing the natural lashes and making them look fuller, longer and sexy. Which woman does not want that? Compared to extensions, lash lifting is relatively easier and can last for as long as 8 weeks. With lash lifting, you can say goodbye to eyelash curlers! In 30 minutes, your natural lashes would be looking as good as ever and still have that perfect curl.

01 / introduction

We live in a world where women and men are constantly looking for the latest beauty trend that will help them save time and look more attractive. Not everyone is comfortable with lash extensions (expense, upkeep and feel of it) and many find this irritating. The Premier Lash Lift Pro treatment is a innovative and fantastic treatment to make the eyes look bigger and enhance the curl of the eyelashes. It does not matter how short or long, thick or thin your lashes are, with the Premier Lash Lift Pro treatment your lashes can look gorgeous!

02 / Safety & Quality


The treatment takes about 45 minutes and last between 6 to 8 weeks. Each lash is individually lifted and adhered to a silicone shield to give maximum volume and effect. A gentle and safe solution is then applied to the eyelashes, giving them a dramatic curling effect, without damaging the root or hair itself.
Depending on the silicone shield chosen, the effect can be very natural to extremely dramatic! We even tint the lashes in the same procedure, giving them an even better look!


The gentle lifting solution means that there is no risk of any long term side effects to the lashes or their roots., It is a very safe treatment. The lashes remain lifted even when wet.


Having lovely long, curled lashes opens up your eyes.

They say:  “ The eyes are the windows to the soul.” So why would you want your “curtains” blocking the view?

  • Give Great Definition, Length & Enhance Your Lashes
  • Make Mascara Application Easier
  • Accentuate your Eyes for any Special Occasion or Holiday
  • Help you look your best if you have a visual or physical impairment and struggle to do your eye make up
  • No maintenance for 6-8 weeks
  • Low costs and less time consuming than lash extensions

With this new Skill

you are able to lift some BEAUTIFUL  lashes!

Our Kits !

All Our Training kits come with everything you need for training, Comprehensive Digital & Hardcopy training manuals,  contracts as well as all the marketing material needed to get started with providing the service.


Training Prices

Our kit has enough product to do 15 Procedures, You will leave our facilities with enough hands-on Training leaving you confident to go out and Lift some Beautiful Lashes.


1 - On-Site Training


2 - Online Training

Kit Contents :

  • Set of 5 sizes Silicone Eye Pads
  • Y-Brushes
  • 7ml Premier Lash Glue
  • 4ml Premier Lash Lifting Solution
  • 4ml Premier Lash Setting Solution
  • 4ml Premier Lash Nourishing Oil
  • 4ml Premier Lash Cleanser
  • Premier Lash Tint
  • 5 Sets of Eyepads
  • 10 Micro brushes
  • 5 Mascara Brushes

What our Customers have to Say!

Joanne - The Orchid Beauty Spa

CEO & Founder

I trained with Nora via Zoom, which a totally new experience. I felt like she was in the room with me, so it made it very easy to do it this way. Nora is a wonderful trainer, but not just that. Your training does not stop there, She carries on when ever you need assistance on the phone or face calling. The Plasma course is becoming a Game Changer in my business. Thank you so much Nora.😉🌿

Tisha - Flaunt it Beauty Clinic

CEO & Founder

Nora Barnard is an excellent trainer with attention to detail, I enjoyed the 2 day online training, actually didn’t feel like online as she was so thorough with the practical and theory like she was right beside me 😊

Nicola - Diva Studios

CEO & Founder

If you have not seen Nora's work or done some training with her, you are losing out big time. She is Excellent at what she does, an inspiration for me and the Industry. Thank you for this Life Changing Opportunity💕

Karen - Beauty In The Bay

CEO & Founder

I just want to reiterate to this Premier support group how very fortunate we are to have been trained by PREMIER thank you Bertha and thank you Nora, Shari, Bonnie and all the team for being AMAZING 👏👏👏🌺

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