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Microblading Myths: Busted

Microblading is one of the newest trends it seems in the makeup industry. Even though it’s been around for quite some time, it’s gaining traction because of how flawless it makes you feel and the numerous celebrities who are getting into the trend. Fashion moguls such as Victoria Beckham to reality stars like Kim Kardashian are all hopping on the train to perfect eyebrows. As a company that provides permanent makeup for those who want to look like a million dollars all of the time, microblading is one of the best ways to have eyebrows that are superb. While it’s not a new makeup trend, it’s one that’s been getting a lot of attention lately.

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Become a Permanent Makeup Artist

At Premier Beauty Academy, we don’t just want to educate you on using tattoo makeup, we also want to help you become a permanent makeup artist. If you adore makeup, love to work with people, and you want to make people smile when they look at their flawless features, then this career is for you. Our company doesn’t just provide products for you to use, we also have an educational program that is top quality. As a leader in the permanent cosmetic pigments and education, we can help you become trained in your dream industry. While it won’t happen overnight, we can help to guide you through this tattoo makeup training to ensure your success. Becoming a permanent makeup artist is like any career, you need training and the necessary information to excel, and Premier Pigments can lay out exactly what educational courses you’ll need and the training that’s essential.

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Is a Permanent Cosmetics Career for Me?

Since you were little, you enjoyed playing with makeup. When you were younger, you got play makeup and smeared it on yourself and your dolls. As you got older, at slumber parties, you enjoyed giving make overs to your friends. When you hit high school, you loved to experiment with all of the different looks you could do with makeup. As you near college age and are trying to figure out what you want to do in life, the only thing that seems to be of any interest to you is to do something with makeup.

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Is Permanent Makeup Safe?

Makeup has been around for hundreds of years in several different capacities. From copper and lead ore that was used by the Egyptians thousands of years ago to Maybelline and Covergirl cosmetics in modern times, makeup has come a long way throughout history. When it comes to permanent makeup, the history of cosmetics is similar to an extent. Tattoo or permanent makeup is a way for you to cover up scars or other blemishes. It can also be beneficial for those who cannot apply makeup anymore due to diseases such as Bell’s palsy or after having a stroke. However, there’s always the question of whether tattoo makeup is safe to apply.

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